We specialize in adult workshops & events, tons products for adult only fun. We have staff around the clock to make sure your needs are met. We refer to our company as "sex-positive. If you need to have a romance workshop by Whats Ur Dyzire, one of our Independent romance advisers will come to your home or event hall and provide a night filled with laughter and fun, while presenting our intahmynt moment products in a fun and informal, yet educational setting. If you are interested in hosting a workshop on sexuality sometime soon in your area.

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If you are a nightclub or a promoter booking a male revue, we can provide everything you need in order to put on a successful and profitable male revue. Whether you're looking for a variety of guys or solos; at a hall, country club, or night club, we can accommodate your event. Our goal is to make the process of booking a male revue as simple as possible, so you can focus on promoting your male revue and maximizing ticket sales to make your male revue profitable. The best part about booking an our male revue is that we assist you in the promotion as well.

Your male revue will include the following:

  • A full 1.5 -- 2.5 hour male revue production designed for WOMEN ONLY (time varies depending on number of entertainers you select)
  • Optional high resolution custom 11×17 poster design ready for print.
  • Optional high resolution custom 5×7 flyer design ready for print.
  • Optional custom 30 second radio commercial.
  • Optional online male revue ticket sales management (15% fee required for revenues generated to cover credit card transaction fees and admin)

What we need from you for a male revue:

  • Male revue performance area a minimum of 15×15 feet
  • Preferably a wireless microphone for emcee/entertainer
  • Private dressing room/changing area
  • Special effect lighting if available
  • Full cooperation and participation from the venue's DJ
  • Full cooperation and participation from the venue's security
  • One double bed hotel room for every 2 entertainers (if applicable)

Booking Fees:

    • $250 per best available local entertainer which we will select for your male revue. Additional charges may apply for events outside the metro area. Travel charges are $1.25 per mile one way from downtown and events beyond 70 miles may require hotel accommodations.


  • $475 per out-of-town/state national entertainer YOU select. Out-of-town state entertainers will also require airfare, travel and hotel accommodations paid by you.

Booking a male revue is a very quick and easy process and should be done at least five weeks in advance to allow plenty of time for promotion. Simply call and provide us with the day, time, location, entertainer preferences, etc. After that you will receive an e-mail with a link to make your deposit which is normally between $100 and $200 per entertainer. You will also receive an e-mail that contains a production agreement which will require an electronic signature. No printing or faxing required here. Three to seven days after we receive your deposit you will receive the optional poster and flyer designs, radio spot, and ticket sale links so you can proceed with marketing your male revue.

                 If You Still Have Questions Please Call 720-507-1155 Ambrosia Palmer

                                                      "NO TIME LIMIT"

                                               Book Online Now! $225
                                   $75 Now + $150 The Day Of Your Event

      For you ladies who know how to get down, party hard, and make it rain!

               See ALL the moves, tricks, and games the stripper is capable of.

                                              "60 MINUTE TIME LIMIT"

                                                   Book Online Now! $185

                                       $85 Now + $100 The Day Of Your Event

                              UP TO 60 minutes with tipping and participation.

              For average or low key parties on a budget and limited time frames.

                                     How to Book Your Male Stripper

Quickly and easily place your order online now with only a $75 or $85 nonrefundable deposit using a Visa, Master Card, Amex or Discover. 

The remaining balance is due in CASH upon his arrival. In the uncommon and unlikely event your entertainer became unavailable due to an emergency; you would of course be refunded this deposit.  

All online credit card deposits are securely encrypted with 256-bit SSL encryption and are strictly confidential.  

Upon placing your order, you will receive an INSTANT EMAIL AND INSTANT TEXT CONFIRMATION. 

You will also receive text confirmation the day before AND the day of your event. It's never too late to order.

Advance booking is preferred but same day bookings are still encouraged up to 2 hours prior to your event.  

Entertainers are for women only and perform at almost any private location including homes, apartments, hotels, restaurants, bars, offices, banquet rooms, party buses and more.  

Checking entertainer availability requires extensive time, phone calls, voice-mails and text messages so we will only do this after we receive your order. Because of this you will be prompted to be flexible and make at least 2 entertainer preferences when ordering online.  

IF applicable, minimal parking, valet or tolls may also be due upon your entertainer's arrival. These fees will not exceed $15.  

Minimal travel charges will apply ONLY IF your event is located outside the metro. If applicable, travel charges will be calculated at $1.25 per mile from us to your zip code, one way, according to Google Maps. If applicable these travel charges will also be due upon your entertainer's arrival.

So don't wait! Make your entertainer preferences and book online now!

                                                           Make sure you know how to Tip Your Male Entertainer

Please remember that male strippers work for tips and they are necessary for his best and full performance. Please make sure ladies are properly prepared with tip dollars. For your convenience we will have small bills in advance to make change for guests who arrive with only large bills or have no cash. We are able to provide the best male dancers with the lowest possible booking fees because our clients are generous tippers.